The Saeima (the Parliament) approves the National Development Plan for 2021-2027

At the extraordinary session on July 2, the Saeima approved the National Development Plan of Latvia for 2021-2027 (NDP2027), which envisages the strategic objectives, priorities and measures for sustainable and balanced development of Latvia for the next seven-year planning period.

Taking into account that NDP2027 was submitted to the Saeima before the pandemic began in Latvia, the Saeima also adopted a decision with tasks for the Cabinet of Ministers in healthcare, public safety, social protection and equal opportunity, and to promote economic recovery in areas accelerated by the Covid-19 crisis.

NDP2027 sets far-sighted and fundamental changes. As a result of the crisis, some changes are already being implemented in sectoral policies. Equally relevant for Latvia’s society in the long-term are the four strategic objectives - Productivity and Income, Equal Opportunity, Social Trust, and Regional Development. “[Achieving advances in] these [strategic objectives] must become the main criteria when deciding on public investment in any policy area for the next seven years,” says the Head of Cross-Sectoral Coordination Centre Pēteris Vilks.

NDP2027 strategic objectives are:

  • Productivity and income are the main preconditions for competitiveness and growth (in human resources, investment, governance, innovation, export);
  • Equal opportunity is a key element of social justice that contributes to reducing income inequality for all, throughout the country - to acquire a good education, receive quality healthcare, be in decent work, and achieve aspirations, to grow and live in a safe environment and to be socially protected;
  • Social trust is a critical social resource and development dimension that facilitates cooperation in the community, business and all levels of public governance; moreover, it is integral for democracy;
  • Regional development is the basis for the long-term balanced growth of the country that reduces socio-economic disparities between the regions, creates preconditions for new jobs and promotes the uniqueness of each region.

Six NDP2027 priorities for achieving the four strategic objectives are:

  • Strong Families, a Healthy and Active Population - Together, healthy and active people in Latvia create and maintain an inclusive society. Families are satisfied, have more children and parents are optimistic about the future.
  • Knowledge and Skills for Personal and National Growth - A knowledgeable, inclusive and creative society builds an efficient, innovative and productive economy;
  • Business Competitiveness and Material Well-being - Innovation based productivity growth increases the presence of Latvian companies in the global market and the material well-being of the population;
  • Quality Living Environment and Regional Development - Latvia transitions to a climate-neutral economy, improves the quality and accessibility of key services (transport, housing, electricity and digital services) in all regions, protects bio-diversity and maintains a clean and high-quality environment;
  • Culture and Sports for an Active Lifestyle - Culture and sport are available to all and contribute to the development of talent, the economy and increased visibility of Latvia abroad;
  • A United, Open, Safe and Secure Society -  People help each other more and contribute to the development of the country because of an increase the sense of belonging, social trust and because the state is just and has good governance. Society and professionals cooperate in ensuring safety and security in the country and in addressing global challenges.

Each priority consists of several directions for key policies. Together there are 18 directions. Each direction includes measures (a total of 124), outcome indicators and names responsible authorities.Policy changes are supported by public investment from the national budget, European Union (EU) funds and other financial instruments. The plan evolved in an inclusive multi-stakeholder process. 6 working groups co-created the content, and public discussions took place in all regions of Latvia and on-line.

NDP2027 was created with wide scale public participation in discussions, including with sectoral, experts, researchers and academicians, NGOs, national level public administration and local government officials, businessmen and politicians in all regions of Latvia.

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the NDP2027 on February 25th, 2020. The NDP2027 is the main medium-term national development planning document and, once approved by the Saeima, is to be implemented by all ministries when planning their sectoral policies and institutional strategies. Citizens can contribute to achieving the goals through personal initiative.

As Latvia’s main medium-term national development planning document, NDP2027 is the roadmap for achieving Latvia’s Sustainable Development Strategy to 2030 (Latvia2030) and defines the major investments toward national development for the next seven years.

For an insight into the outcome indicators, the monitoring process and other aspects of the NDP2027, please see the infographics.

Information on NDP2027 is available on the website of the Cross-Sectoral Coordination Centre in English:

National Development Plan of Latvia for 2021-2027 (in English)

National Development Plan of Latvia for 2021-2027 in the Latvian language:


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