International Conference: Early intervention for child development – challenging the public policy

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An international online conference “Early intervention for child development – challenging the public policy will take place on November 12. The conference is organized by Cross-Sectoral Coordination Centre in cooperation with partners - Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments, Latvian Child Welfare Network, Children’s Clinical University Hospital. 

The first international Forum for Child Happiness is dedicated to achieving consensus on the establishment of a unified early childhood intervention system (ECI) for balanced child development in Latvia.

While there is sufficient evidence that a lack of coherence in prevention and early childhood interventions in Latvia requires immediate attention, there has been little consensus in the country on the way forward. Sectoral interests, traditional administrative approaches, lack of experience in coordinating interventions have resulted in administrative and political deadlock.

This conference brings together parents, practitioners, teachers, psychologists, medical experts, politicians, persons with public administration and sectoral policy experience having diverse views concerning system development - with the aim of achieving agreement on a solution that benefits the child.

Experts from several countries will share best practice, knowledge and advice on establishing evidence based early childhood intervention systems and implementing methods and programmes. A summary of conclusions afforded by the comparative approach will be followed by a discussion on the next steps in of planning and organising the early preventive intervention system in Latvia.

Very welcome to participate in the conference!

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